Functioning of Flush Bottom Ball valves:-

Flush bottom ball valves are designed so as to completely seal off the outlet nozzle at the inner vessel wall. This prevents solids/liquid from accumulating and solidifying in the outlet nozzle neck and stopping discharge of the vessel contents. It also prevents the collection of un-reacted material in the nozzle. Flush bottom ball valve has special surface designed inlet flange, directly welding and flush mounted at the bottom of reactor, tank, vessel or container, smooth tapered hole and super short distance between the valve ball and bottom can prevent the medium accumulate at the entrance, ensure the medium smoothly discharge.

J.D. Flush Bottom Ball Valves are generally supplied with manual hand lever or gear unit operated, depending on valve size. J D also offering Ball Valves with either Pneumatic operated for automation.


Flush Bottom Ball Valve Pneumatic Actuator Operated                                 Flush Bottom Ball Valve