Basket Type Strainers:-

Basket (POT) Type Strainer


J. D. Basket [POT] strainers remove damage causing particulate matter from the process media, protecting system components such as flow meters, pumps, mechanical seals and spray nozzles.

Basket Strainers feature top removal of the screen. The screen is in the form of a basket, with a lifting handle, so that all particulate captured and retained by the screen can be easily removed for disposal. The particulate matter is captured in the strainer basket. The line is then temporarily shut down and the basket removed for cleaning or replacement.

Advanced dynamic flow path and large filtration area elements ensure low pressure drops and reduced maintenance periods.

These strainers reduce downtime for cleaning due to their construction of bolted cover and easy removal of screen.

Basket Type Strainer (Simplex Inline Design)

Basket Type Strainer (Simplex Inline Design)
Pressure Rating : 150# / 300#
End Connection : Flanged End

Design & Testing International Standard:

Design Std.                 : Mfg. Standard

Pressure Testing         : Mfg. Standard

Face To Face             : Mfg. Standard

Flange Drilling             : ANSI B 16.5 / BS 10 Table / DIN / IS 6392

Pressure Rating          : 125#, 150#

Size Range                 : 40mm (1½”) To 300mm (12”)

Features & Options: 

  • Easy cleaning or replacing the element.
  • Compact size and Low weight
  • Low Pressure drop across the filter.
  • Low Installation and maintenance.
  • With Drain Arrangement on request
  • Adequate strength of element and housing.
  • Interchangeability of component with another of same type.
  • Wire mesh up to 5 Micron
  • Design & Testing International Standard

Material of Construction: 

  • Body & Cover
       Cast Iron to ASTM A 126 Class B
    IS 210 GR. FG 200 / 220 / 260
    Cast Carbon Steel to ASTM A 216 GR. WCB
    SS to ASTM A 351 GR. CF 8 / 8M / 3 / 3MOthers on request
  • Mesh (Element)
    S.S. 304
    S.S. 316
    S.S. 304L
    S.S. 316L